5 Reasons Friday Weddings Are Better

5 Reasons Why Friday Weddings Are Better

Everyone loves Friday! And for a variety of reasons more and more couples are saying, “I do” to weekday weddings and cost savings aren’t the only benefit they’re cashing in on. From creating the perfect party atmosphere to freeing up the rest of the weekend, and even saving on the honeymoon. Here’s why Friday is the new Saturday in the wedding world.

You get to hang out with everyone on Saturday.

Particularly, out of town guests. Having a Friday wedding means you get to plan a second get together on Saturday where you can unwind and spend some quality time with your family and friends. Think brunch, mimosas, comfy clothing! Research shows that couples are significantly more relaxed the day after and tend to enjoy recapping the experience with their loved ones.

Better flight deals for everyone.

Not only is it smarter for the budget conscious bride to book her honeymoon flight during the week, the same goes for guests! Out of town guests traveling on Thursday evening can typically book less expensive airfare than those flying on Friday evening. Bonus! Plus, they too can spend the rest of the weekend with friends and family or spend it sight seeing before heading home.

You can snag an earlier wedding date.

Have your heart set on a certain venue but don’t want to wait a few years to tie the knot? Book a Friday wedding and we guarantee you’ll be walking down the aisle a whole lot sooner without having to compromise on location. Even the most sought after time of year, FALL, is fair game!

You can afford the extras

Less demand for Friday weddings means more money in your pocket! This means lower vendor prices including venue rental fees which can be thousands of dollars higher on a Saturday. SCORE!


TGIF! That’s exactly what your guests will be thinking as they prepare to blow off some steam after a long work week and celebrate your nuptials. It’s like happy hour but better. After all, there is a free bar.

Secure your Friday wedding today! Request additional information below, set up a personal tour, and learn more about having your Friday wedding at Sunset Bluffs. Packages start at $4,500. We’d love to hear from you!

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