Sunset Bluffs was built and designed by one man.

Fredrick Long was born in St. Louis and was raised in Washington, Missouri. At a young age he developed an affinity for architecture and design. Studying architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright instilled in him an appreciation for modern architecture that emphasized simplicity, natural beauty, and the belief that buildings should not be elaborate but should serve to honor and enhance the natural beauty surrounding them.



In addition to his love of architecture Fredrick developed a strong knowledge of construction at an early age. At nine years old he began apprenticing under his father, Fredrick Long I. After dropping out of highschool at the age of 18 he would become an official Union Pipefitter and continued doing this work for the next 12 years. During this time he worked on thousands of commercial buildings. While he relished in the work accomplished in created these structures he struggled with the inability to influence their design. He dreamed of building and designing something unique that was both utilitarian and beautiful.



In 2012, Fredrick found what he was looking for in an old abandoned Rock Quarry on Bieker Road. What many saw as a dump with no potential gave Fredrick a vision – the opportunity to make something special. And despite the negativity surrounding the property, Fredrick purchased it and went to work.



Six years later, Sunset Bluffs stands today as a physical representation of one man’s dream and the hard work, discipline, and passion it took to achieve. Countless tears,  late nights, last minute ingenuity,  and creative thinking bring to you what Sunset Bluffs has to offer today. From the man-made lake and the towering bluffs to the stainless steel cross donated to the property by the owner himself. Sunset Bluffs is a piece of architecture that is a portrait of the man who built it. Strong, faithful, and passionate.


Sunset Bluffs is excited for the future of our venue and all that's to come!